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Flat Run Retrievers
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Flat Run Retrievers specializes in young dog / retriever training programs,
working with dogs starting at 12 weeks of age and up.

 Retriever Puppies and Started Retrievers For Sale.

 Flat Run Retrievers makes it's home in Taft, Texas in the Corpus Christi area,
on quality acres of groomed dog training property. References available.

Retriever Training

The beginning program is designed to provide the owner with a retriever that is obedient, steady to shot, and reliably retrieves and delivers the birds to hand under a variety of hunting scenarios. These time frames can vary from dog to dog, providing one-on-one training to develop your hunting companion with methods and length of training that work for him or her. 

  • Basic Obedience - Sit, Down, Heel, Here, and Place

  • Introduction to birds

  • Introduction to Electric Collar / Collar Conditioning - Teaches the dog to react correctly to electrical stimulus.

  • Force Training - Keeps dog from chewing, eating, and dropping birds and deliver to hand from both land and water.

  • Basic Casts on land and water - Left over, Right over, and back.

The Basic Program is also designed so that your dog is prepared to make single retrieves to hand in the field and prepare them to run blind retrieves.  Also teaches them to run the basic level hunt test program for AKC (Junior).

IN-KENNEL TRAINING - Advanced Program

The advanced stage of training takes approximately four to six months (in addition to the basic program) and prepares your retriever to perform to his or her fullest potential. Below is a breakdown of what is involved in the advanced training program:

  • Multiple Retrieves - land and water

  • Blind Retrieves - land and water

  • Diversions- When your dog is making a retrieve during a hunt, and another bird is shot he will be taught to finish the current retrieve and then pick up the newly shot bird.

  • Honoring- Many of our hunting buddies have retrievers that they take with them to the field and it is important to teach our retriever that every bird that falls is not necessarily theirs to retrieve! Hence, we teach your retriever to 'honor' another dog's retrieve.

  • The Advanced Program is designed to also prepare your retriever for the advanced levels of the hunt test programs- AKC (Senior and Master).


If owners prefer to train their retrievers and need the guidance of a professional, Flat Run Retrievers offers private lessons for dog and owner. All birds and equipment provided.


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